Would take a .243 moose or mule deer hunting?

by John Eaglesmith

My dad just bought a Savage 111FCXP3 package series in .243. I was wondering if you would take it moose hunting. i can drive up to them on my quad to about 50 yards and get out so i thought at 50 yards you should drop em if you put one in the vitals. For mule deer ill be shooting them at about 100-200 yards so i thought a 100 gr will do it.

the 243 is one of the best deer rounds on the market, ive seen it used on large elk with no problem. if your an excellent shot you could drop a moose out to 50 or 100 yards no sweat. if your not comfortable hitting a target the size of a quarter i wouldn’t advise it. if you do try to kill a moose with it i would study their anatomy to find the best spots for a clean kill

2009 Remington 760 Mule Deer Hunt

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