what rifle would be recommended for distance shots for deer elk at range of 500 yards or more?

by John Eaglesmith

I would like to get into hunting mule deer, elk and larger game but i believe my .300 savage would be way to underpowered. what rifle would be ideal for shots of large distance and still have the knock down power without being over excessive?
im ex army, always shot expert but dont know alot about the variety of rifles and thier capabilities.

The absolute best cartridge would be one of the .300 Magnums. A .300 Win Mag, and .300 Weatherby, or the newer .300 Remington UltraMag. They shoot the same bullet as a .30-06, but they carry much more power out at 500 yards, and shoot much flatter than a 30-06 or 300 Savage. Many of the military snipers use the .300 Win Mag.
Plenty of power for elk at 500 yards.
At 500 yards, a .30-06 has about 1300 to 1500 ft lbs of energy left.
A .300 Weatherby has 1700 to 2000 ft lbs of energy.
A while back I had heard that you need a rifle capable of about 1500 ft lbs. to make a clean kill on an elk, and about 1000 ft lbs. for a deer.
The .300 Magnum solves that problem, and it is extremely accurate.

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