Late season hunting tips

by John Eaglesmith

A video of what helps me to see more deer during the late season, after Gun season is over and most guys never enter the woods again.
you can still be successful if you’ll hunt right.

Duration : 0:5:39


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turtlechalk May 30, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Awesome video! I’m …
Awesome video! I’m amped up for the late season now, even more than the original rifle season, but 5am? Come on man? I’m just going to bed then. 😉 I’m heading back to the scrapes for sure as I’ve seen a bunch of good ones but, 1. I didn’t realize that putting estrus in them would be the tactic and 2. thought that they forgot all about them. THANKS for the info, so now I just need to find an empty buck tag and it’s on…or at least get the doe going back to the scrape. Thx again!!!!

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