Im a 16 year old who is looking for a deer hunting rifle for really cheap whats a cheap rifle and Caliber?

by John Eaglesmith

Im looking for a rifle that can kill a deer and is between $100-300.I don’t care if its used or new but i would prefer new.My parents are willing to buy it as long as i have the money so no problems there.

i’m 18, so since your 16 i’m guessing that we’re somewhat the same ‘size’ unless your taller than the average 16 year old- wasn’t wanting to sound rude

here are 2 guns that i’m very confident that you’ll be able to shoot with no problem (they both will knock a deer down if the placement is right, that goes with any caliber): a 243 or a 308
both are well-known calibers and the kick isn’t too bad and they’re not too expensive either.

i’m 5’1 (a girl) and since i have no problem shooting those guns, then i don’t think the recoil will bother you too much

no matter what kind of caliber and brand you get, make sure the gun is fitted properly to you- you may need to get a gun smith to fit it for you but this is a good rule of thumb that my shotgun coach taught me:
hold the butt of the gun where your elbow bends, and if you can easily reach the trigger with your tigger finger then the gun fits you properly.
if your trigger finger is over the trigger a lot, then the gun is too small for you and you can get it lengthened.
if your trigger finger doesn’t reach the trigger or you have to strain to reach it, then the gun is too big, and you can get it shortened.

also, a wooden stock will absorb more recoil than a synthetic (plastic) one will, so, if your recoil ‘shy’ any, that would suit you best but if your going to be doing a lot of walking while hunting, then a synthetic stock will be the best choice because they are lighter than a wooden stock

some good ‘brands’ to look into are: Remington, Winchester, Weatherby, Ruger and Browning, there are also a LOT of other brands but those are the ones that i know best.

also, if your able to, shoot a few guns that some family members or trusted friends have (if they have a caliber your intrested in) to see if you’d like that type

what is a good cheap deer hunting rifle?

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