Exotic Rifle for Deer Hunting?

by John Eaglesmith

I was thinking about getting a new hunting rifle for deer, but I really want to get something different, not just a normal rifle [like a semi auto Assault Rifle, just as a broad example]. does anyone have any suggestions for exotic rifles that double as deer hunting rifles?
i live in Wisconsin

and by exotic i mean if i come across someone else they’ll be like "whoa thats pretty cool"

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Exotic’ but if you can take down a deer with a black powder rifle that is impressive.
Last year a friend of mine took down a 10 pointer with a Savage .177 at 75 yards.
If you want ‘Exotic’ try a Fianchi or something Italian. The shot is what counts.
Drop a Buck at 200 yards with a 30-30 and you’ve got my respect!

cheap deer hunting rifle with cheap ammo for practising?

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